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Wet Prep,Wet Prep w/ Trich Cult Reflex, Wet Prep With Reflex to Trichomonas Culture

Test ID: 

705923, 705924, 705786

CPT code:


Clinical Use:

Presumptive diagnosis of Trichomonas vaginalis infection

Specimen Type:

Vaginal swab, sedimented first-void male urine, semen, prostatic fluid, or male urethral swab

Requested Volume: 

Swab or one to two drops of fluid or sedimented urine

Container Type: 

InPouch™ TV transported at room temperature (for as long as 48 hours)


Specimens are inoculated directly into the culture media with the exception of urine specimens which are first centrifuged at 500xg and the sediment used for inocula. Collect specimens using a cotton swab. To avoid leakage, first move the medium at the top of the InPouch™ downward to the middle of the upper chamber. Tear off plastic above the white closure. In order to admit the swab, open the InPouch™ by pulling the closure tape’s middle tabs apart. Insert swab into upper chamber medium of the InPouch™ TV and elute specimen by rubbing swab between the InPouch™ TV walls. Remove the swab and discard. Liquid specimens are added directly to the upper chamber medium of the InPouch™ TV. When specimen inoculation is completed, squeeze the top of the InPouch™ closed, then roll down three rolls and fold tabs over. Keep InPouch™ in an upright position.

Storage Instructions:

aintain specimen at room temperature for up to 48 hours; if held longer than 48 hours, incubation at 37°C is required. Do not refrigerate.

Rejection Criteria

Specimen received in the laboratory after 48 hours without incubation; expired product; specimen refrigerated; any transport except InPouch™ TV

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