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Viral Culture, Rapid, Lesion (Herpes Simplex Virus and Enzyme- linked virus-inducible system (ELVIS(R)).

Test ID: 


CPT code:

87254, 87255


Viral Culture, Rapid, Lesion (Herpes Simplex Virus and Varicella Zoster Virus)

Herpes Simplex and Varicella Zoster

HSV and VZ Culture

Lesion Culture

Viral Culture, Rapid, Varicella Zoster

Virus Isolation

Specimen Type:

Vesicular fluid, ulcerated lesions, vesicular scrapings, pharyngeal and throat swabs, autopsy and biopsy material, vaginal swabs

Requested Volume: 

Swab in viral transport media, 0.5 g tissue in viral transport medium

Container Type: 

Viral, Chlamydia, or Mycoplasma culture transport, or other appropriate transport medium; sterile screw-cap container


Specimen is best collected within the first three days after appearance of lesion, but no longer than seven days. Do not prepare the collection site with alcohol or iodophors. After collection, remove cap from the transport media tube and insert swab aseptically into transport tube and break swab shaft. Replace cap so that swab will not interfere with closure and allow tube to leak. Label tube with patient identification and transport to the laboratory at 4°C.

Storage Instructions:

Specimen should be kept at 4°C (refrigeration) and transported to the laboratory within 24 hours of collection.

Rejection Criteria

Bacterial swab specimen; specimen received in grossly leaking transport container; dry specimen; specimen submitted in fixative or additive; specimen received in expired transport media or incorrect transport device; inappropriate specimen transport conditions; specimen received after prolonged delay in transport (usually more than 72 hours); specimen stored or transported at room temperature; wooden shaft swab in transport device; unlabeled specimen or name discrepancy between specimen and request label

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