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Salmonella/Shigella Screen

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Bacterial Stool Pathogens (Salmonella sp, Shigella sp, Campylobacter sp, E coli [STEC]), NAA

Clinical Use:

Determine the presence of bacterial pathogens in the stool of patients with gastrointestinal symptoms.

Specimen Type:


Requested Volume: 

1 g

Minimum Volume: 

0.5 g

Container Type: 

C&S vial (Para-Pak orange)


Remove cap and place approximately 1 gram of the raw stool into the transport medium or a sufficient amount to bring the liquid level up to the “fill to here” line. Replace cap and tighten. Agitate the vial to permit adequate mixing of the specimen with the transport medium. When mixing is completed, the solution should appear homogeneous.

Storage Instructions:

Maintain specimen at room temperature.

Stability Requirements:

Room temperature for five days or refrigerated for 14 days. Do not freeze.

Rejection Criteria

Raw stool; inappropriate specimen transport device; specimen beyond stated stability; frozen specimen; specimens with incorrect or missing patient information; specimen in expired transports

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