Mycobacterium tuberculosis Susceptibility Broth

Test ID: 


CPT code:

87188 (x5)


AFB Susceptibility Testing
Susceptibility Testing, M tuberculosis
TB Susceptibility Testing

Clinical Use:

Determine the susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to a profile of antimycobacterial agents.

Test Information:

Susceptibilities should be performed on the first organism isolated from a patient, and at one and three-month intervals if that organism continues to be isolated while the patient is on therapy. Susceptibility tests should be performed in patients with recurrent tuberculosis, as resistant strains are common in recurrent infection. Outbreaks have occurred in health care workers, prison inmates, and prison employees. Failure to take all drugs in a multidrug regimen can lead to a shift toward resistant organisms and treatment failure. Nontuberculosis Mycobacteria, particularly strains of the M avium complex, are resistant to those drugs used for therapy of M tuberculosis.

Specimen Type:

Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from a primary clinical specimen, on a submitted AFB conventional solid medium, and a bacterial swab inoculated with isolated colonies from a pure culture or an AFB broth medium.

Requested Volume: 

Pure culture isolate on an AFB conventional solid medium and a bacterial swab inoculated with isolated colonies from a pure culture, or a minimum of 1 mL of AFB broth medium.

Container Type: 

Conventional or broth medium, tightly sealed, in etiologic agent packaging.

Storage Instructions:

Maintain media at room temperature.

Rejection Criteria

Specimen received leaking or in broken transport tube or vial; specimen received in expired transport medium; mixed culture; unlabeled culture or name discrepancy between specimen and test request label

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