HLA A,B,C CWD Resolution

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Clinical Use:

HLA antigens may be correlated with certain disease states or other clinical conditions. Indicate in clinical information which antigen(s) is of interest. Also used for screening of transplant candidates and potential donors, transfusion of specifically compatible blood products, among others.
CWD resolution typing for HLA will meet the following criteria:
1. The typing must contain only one unambiguously assigned genotype, or
2. The typing may contain multiple alternative genotypes if one includes two Common and Well Documented (CWD) alleles and the others do not include any CWD allele. Alleles that encode identical protein sequences in the antigen recognition site (ARS) will not be resolved even if they are CWD.
3. Rare or unusual allele combinations may not be ruled out.
4. Allele codes will be reported to include those alleles that are not ruled out.
Common and well documented alleles are defined by Cano et al1 and Mack et al.2

Specimen Type:

Whole blood

Requested Volume: 

7 mL

Minimum Volume: 

3 mL

Container Type: 

Lavender-top (EDTA) tube

Storage Instructions:

Maintain specimen at room temperature; protect from extreme heat or cold. Do not freeze.

Rejection Criteria

Hemolyzed specimen; clotted specimen; wrong specimen container

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