Hemophilia A Monitoring Profile

Test ID: 


CPT code:

85335, 85240


Nonsevere Hemophilia A Profile

Clinical Use:

This profile is appropriate for the evaluation of individuals suspected of or previously identified as having nonsevere (mild or moderate) hemophilia A, in order to determine if there is a twofold discrepancy in the one stage and chromogenic factor VIII activities as has been described in discrepant hemophilia A. Evaluation for nonsevere hemophilia A using a one stage (clot-based) activity assay only may lead to missed diagnosis or misclassification of disease severity.

Additional Test Information:

Test Includes
aPTT; factor VIII activity; factor VIII chromogenic; pathologist interpretation

Specimen Type:


Requested Volume: 

4 mL platelet-poor, frozen, citrated plasma divided into two tubes

Minimum Volume: 

2 mL

Container Type: 

Blue-top (sodium citrate) tube


Plasma must be separated from cells within three hours of venipuncture and plasma centrifuged a second time before being placed in plastic transport tubes. Freeze within four hours and keep frozen until testing is performed.

Storage Instructions:


Rejection Criteria

Noncitrated plasma; gross hemolysis; fibrin clot in plasma; sample received thawed

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