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H. pylori Stool Ag

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CPT code:



Campylobacter pylori
Campylobacter From Stomach
H pylori Stool Antigen
Culture, Helicobacter pylori

Clinical Use:

Establish the presence and possible etiologic role of Helicobacter pylori in cases of chronic gastric ulcer, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, dyspepsia, etc

Specimen Type:


Requested Volume: 

2 g (thumbnail size portion of stool), 2 mL liquid stool

Minimum Volume: 

1 g stool, 1 mL liquid stool 

Container Type: 

Sterile screw-cap vial (Para-Pak® white clean vial)

Storage Instructions:

Specimen should be kept refrigerated and transported to the laboratory within 24 hours of collection. If a longer period is required, the specimen should be frozen at -70°C on dry ice.

Rejection Criteria

Inappropriate specimen transport conditions (eg, room temperature) or device; unlabeled specimen or name discrepancy between specimen and request label; specimen received after prolonged delay (usually more than 72 hours); leaking specimen; specimen received in inappropriate container (denture cup, “Cool Whip” container, margarine container, or similar container)

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