Giardia lamblia, Direct Detection by EIA

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Stool for Giardia lamblia

Clinical Use:

Rapid detection of Giardia lamblia from clinical samples

Specimen Type:


Requested Volume: 

2 g (thumbnail size portion of stool), 2 mL liquid stool
2 g, 2 mL stool in formalin portion of O&P transport kit (mn)

Container Type: 

O&P transport vial with formalin (Para-Pak® pink) (preferred); stool C&S transport vial with Cary Blair medium (Para-Pak® orange); sterile screw-cap container or Para-Pak® white


Fecal specimens for parasitic examination should be collected before initiation of antidiarrheal therapy or antiparasitic therapy. The highest yield on hospitalized patients occurs when diarrhea is present on admission or within 72 hours of admission. The onset of diarrhea more than 72 hours after admission is usually caused by Clostridium difficile toxin rather than parasites or the usual stool pathogens. The following recommendations are made for efficient and cost-effective diagnosis of diarrheal disease in patients admitted with gastroenteritis.

Storage Instructions:

Maintain specimen in O&P transport with formalin at room temperature or refrigerate and test within two months of collection. Stool collected in Cary Blair medium should be refrigerated or frozen and tested within one week of collection. Stool in sterile container should be frozen, or it can be kept refrigerated if tested within 48 hours.

Rejection Criteria

Inappropriate specimen transport device; specimens in PVA; specimens other than stool; specimens received other than described; inadequate labeling; specimen received after prolonged delay

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