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GC (Neisseria gonorrhoeae) Culture Only

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Neisseria gonorrhoeae Culture
Culture for Neisseria gonorrhoeae Only
Culture for GC Only
Genital Culture (GC) Only
Gonorrhea Culture
Jembec Culture

Clinical Use:

Isolate and identify N gonorrhoeae; establish the diagnosis of gonorrhea

Specimen Type:

Body fluid, discharge, pus, swab of genital lesions, or urethral discharge (best for men when available), anus, throat.

Requested Volume: 

0.5 mL or one swab inoculated to Jembec plate or one swab in Amies gel bacterial transport

Container Type: 

Jembec (available from the laboratory) or Thayer-Martin plate (client-provided) are preferred. Prewarm plate before inoculation.Bacterial swab transport containing Amies gel is also acceptable


Do not collect urethral specimens until at least one hour after urinating. Collection directly from male urethral discharge is desirable. Collect anorectal specimens from the crypts just inside the anal ring; anoscopy useful. Prostatic fluid yields fewer positives than does urethral culture.  Endocervix: Swab endocervical canal. Avoid contaminating swab with vaginal secretions. Cultures from the urethra or vagina are indicated from females when endocervical culture is not possible.  Urethra: Strip the urethra toward the orifice to express exudate. Use a sterile swab to obtain the specimen.  Vagina: Use a speculum, moistened only with warm water, not lubricant. Obtain a specimen from the posterior vaginal vault or from the vaginal orifice if the hymen is intact.  Swab samples should be rolled over the surface of the Jembec medium.

Storage Instructions:

Inoculated Thayer-Martin plates should be placed in a CO2 incubator or candle jar within 15 minutes of collection. For Jembecs, remove a CO2-generating tablet from its foil wrapper and place in the specially-designed well in the plate. Place inoculated plates in the ziplock bag and seal the bag. Jembecs should be preincubated at 35°C, if possible, prior to shipment at room temperature.

Rejection Criteria

Inappropriate specimen received; unlabeled specimen or name discrepancy between specimen and request label; specimen received after prolonged delay (usually more than 72 hours); specimen received in expired transport container

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