Fecal Reducing Substances

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Clinical Use:

used for clinical purposes.

Test Information:

The presence of reducing substances is useful in the diagnosis of abnormalities in carbohydrate metabolism, i.e., sucrose and lactase. The unabsorbed sugars in stool are measured as reducing substances.

Specimen Type:

Random stool

Requested Volume: 

10 g

Minimum Volume: 

3 g

Container Type: 

Plastic screw-cap container

Patient Preparation: 



Collect fresh stool in a plastic, leak-proof container.
Adult and older children patients can collect the specimen by passing feces into plastic wrap stretched loosely over the toilet bowl. Then transfer 10 g of the stool specimen into the plastic container.
With young children and infants wearing diapers, the diaper should be lined with clean plastic wrap to prevent absorption. A pediatric urine bag can be attached to the child to ensure that the stool specimen is not contaminated with urine. Then transfer 10 g of the stool specimen from the plastic lined diaper to the plastic container. Do not submit the diaper itself.

Storage Instructions:


Stability Requirements:

Room temperature: 4 hours
Refrigerated: 24 hours
Frozen: 60 days

Rejection Criteria

Received thawed • Specimens in paint cans

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