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Eosinophil Count

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Nasal Smear for Eosinophils

Clinical Use:

Investigate allergic, asthmatic disorders, and parasitic infestations

Test Information:

Gram-stained smears of microbiology specimens will not stain eosinophils, and this cell type cannot be identified on such preparations.

Specimen Type:

Nasal secretions

Requested Volume: 

One to two unfixed smears


Specimens may be taken separately from each side of the nose for nasal secretions. Note: If two different slides are collected, two separate test requests are needed for proper reporting. Secretion is most easily and readily collected by having the patient blow the nose on a waxed paper or cellophane handkerchief. This gives a specimen that represents only nasal secretion or a collection of both nasal and sinus secretions. Small crusts from the septum and vestibule of the nose should be avoided. If no secretion is available from blowing the nose, it may be necessary to remove it by swabbing it with a cotton applicator or postnasal secretions may be obtained through a suction cannula. Secretion may also be collected in a specimen bottle at the time of acute exacerbation. The specimen should then be smeared on a clean microscope slide.

Storage Instructions:

Maintain specimen at room temperature.

Rejection Criteria

No specimen on slide or smear; improper labeling; sputum specimen received

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