Cholinesterase, Plasma and RBC

Test ID: 


CPT code:

82480, 82482


RBC Cholinesterase

Clinical Use:

True cholinesterase (RBC and plasma) activity is decreased in individuals with exposure to organophosphorous insecticides. True cholinesterase, found in erythrocytes and nerve tissue, is responsible for inactivating acetylcholinesterase at nerve endings. With decreased enzyme activity, patients may display a range of nervous system dysfunction. Analysis of RBC and serum or plasma activity is useful in monitoring exposure and recovery.

Specimen Type:

Plasma and whole blood

Requested Volume: 

2 mL plasma and 5 mL whole blood

Minimum Volume: 

0.1 mL plasma and 1 mL whole blood

Container Type: 

Lavender-top (EDTA) tube and transport tube marked “plasma”


Separate plasma from cells for one lavender-top tube, only. Place in transport tube and mark “plasma.” Do not separate other EDTA tube.

Storage Instructions:

Room temperature. .

Stability Requirements:

Whole blood (RBC): Stable at room temperature or refrigerated for 14 days and unstable frozen. Plasma:Stable at room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen for 14 days; freeze/thaw cycles: stable x3

Rejection Criteria

Plasma and whole blood samples not sent; anticoagulants other than EDTA (RBC only); frozen whole blood received; hemolyzed plasma or whole blood

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