Chlamydia, Conjunctiva, NAA

Test ID: 


CPT code:


Clinical Use:

Detect Chlamydia trachomatis infection of the conjunctiva

Specimen Type:

Aptima® unisex swab specimen transport tube

Requested Volume: 

One Aptima® unisex swab specimen transport tube with blue shaft swab

Container Type: 

Aptima® unisex swab specimen transport tube


Remove pus or discharge from the eye. Do not use the white-shafted swab; discard this swab. Using the blue-shafted swab, labeled “unisex collection swab,” thoroughly swab the lower, then the upper conjunctiva, two to three times. Remove the cap from the swab specimen transport tube, and immediately place the specimen collection swab into the transport tube. Carefully break the swab shaft at the scoreline; use care to avoid splashing the contents. Recap the swab specimen transport tube tightly.

Storage Instructions:

Maintain specimen at room temperature or refrigerate (2°C to 30°C). Stable at room temperature or refrigerated for 30 days.

Rejection Criteria

Specimen with incorrect patient identification; unlabeled specimen; inappropriate specimen transport conditions; specimen leaked in transit; specimen in expired transport or incorrect transport device; specimens with any other source than conjunctiva/eye/ocular; Aptima® swab transport >30 days from collection; Aptima® swab specimens with incorrect specimen volume; Aptima® swab specimen without a swab; cleaning swab (white-shaft swab) in Aptima® swab transport; any non−Gen-Probe® swab submitted in Aptima® transport device; wooden-shafted swab in transport device; transport device with multiple swabs; bacterial swabs; ProbeTec™ Q-swabs; Aptima® vaginal swab transport.

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