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Calculi, Urinary, With Photograph

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Kidney Stone

Clinical Use:

Evaluate stone composition, metabolic factors affecting stone formation; work up nephrolithiasis

Additional Test Information:

In the United States, the incidence of urinary tract calculi is common, with one person in 1000 requiring hospital care and treatment. A typical urinary calculus is composed of crystalline substances precipitated in the body. To ensure proper treatment and prevention of recurrences of urinary calculi, it is critical that the crystalline constituents of the stone be identified. Mandel describes 15 crystalline substances common in urinary calculi and subdivides them into six broad catagories.

Specimen Type:


Container Type: 

Clean container or capsule


Calculi must be submitted completely dry. Specimens should not be submitted in liquid (formalin, urine, blood, etc), in gauze, filters, taped, or on Q-tips. There will be delay in analyzing and reporting specimens not received completely dry.

Storage Instructions:

Maintain specimen at room temperature.


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