Bladder Cancer FISH

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CPT code:

88271 (x4),



Bladder Cancer FISH, Pathologist Review

Urothelial Carcinoma, FISH

UroVysion®, FISH

Clinical Use:

The assay is designed to detect aneuploidy for chromosomes 3, 7, 17, and loss of the 9p21 locus via fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) in urine specimens from subjects with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. This assay does not detect other chromosomal or genetic alterations. Results are intended for use as a noninvasive method of monitoring for tumor recurrence in conjunction with cystoscopy in patients previously diagnosed with bladder cancer. The clinical interpretation of test results should be evaluated within the context of the patient’s medical history and other diagnostic laboratory test results.

Specimen Type:


Requested Volume: 

50 mL urine mixed with preservative in TCC Monitoring kit.

Minimum Volume: 

33 mL urine mixed with preservative in TCC Monitoring kit

Container Type: 

TCC Monitoring kit (PeopleSoft item N° 44921). Other containers that are accepted, but not recommended: PreservCyt® vial, Cytology Special Studies Kit (PeopleSoft item N° 3203), or sterile urine container with Carbowax® fixative (two parts urine; one part fixative).


Step 1: Use the large, open cup in the kit to collect the urine specimen. First void of the day is preferred. Ensure that the urine specimen reaches the minimum fill line of 33 mL.
Step 2: Slowly pour urine into the smaller container to the maximum fill line of 90 mL.
Step 3: Tighten the lid until you hear a click in order to prevent leakage.

Storage Instructions:

Specimen should be refrigerated at 2°C to 8°C and shipped on cool packs. Do not freeze.

Rejection Criteria

Incorrect fixative; significant contamination with blood obscuring bacterial overgrowth; inadequate specimen cellularity

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