Allergen – Inhalant-IgE Amoxicilloyl

Test ID: 


CPT code:



Immunofluorescence (Allergen IgE Amoxicilloyl);
RAST (Allergen IgE Amoxicilloyl);RSC6

Test Information:

0.25 mL serum is required for a single allergen. Add 0.05 mL for each additional allergen. ie: 1 mL will yield 15 allergens.

Specimen Type:


Requested Volume:

1 mL

Minimum Volume: 

0.5 mL

Container Type: 

plain red top or SST tube


Allow sample to clot at room temperature for 20 to 60 minutes. Centrifuge ASAP to separate serum from cells and aliquot cell-free serum into a labeled polypropylene or similar plastic tube.

Storage Instructions:

Send serum Priority Overnight via FedEx and in a well insulated container at ambient temperature, with an ice pack or frozen on dry ice.

Stability Requirements:

2 days ambient (18-23°C), 1 week refrigerated (2-8°C), 1 year frozen (-20C). One freeze-thaw cycle will not negatively affect testing.

Rejection Criteria

Samples maintained at room temperature >24 hours, samples maintained refrigerated >7 days.

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