MCI Diagnostics Center has become an official resource on The Oklahoma Film and Music Organization’s directory. As the list is dominated by Health Departments in the state, MCI provides inclusivity to this platform as the only independently owned laboratory.

Just over a month after the State of Oklahoma reopened, MCI Diagnostic Center begin rapid COVID-19 testing for the first of the many international and national production films. As a result, MCI Diagnostics Center was requested to test four different production companies in less than three months while solidifying more. The impression made on the Oklahoma Film and Music Organization was the fast turn around times, result access given to each individual and availability of our staff. Despite how broad Oklahoma is and how stationary the laboratory is it has not stopped MCI from being a asset to the crew on set. Daily MCI sends out personnel to approved sites in its very own mobile COVID-19 collection vehicle. “I believe that we are contributing to providing a safe working environment to the film industry. We deploy teams to conduct the testing of the cast and crew while providing timely and reliable results. This ensures that they able to do their work at best and feel secure in knowing that they are not in danger of spreading the COVID-19 virus.” says Donnie Nabors, CEO of MCI Diagnostic Center.

Thank you to Mimim Productions, Unplugged Productions, Grand Sichuan Productions, and This is Life Productions. MCI Diagnostic Center follows all guidelines established by the CDC, College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

For production companies that are considering using MCI for rapid COVID-19 testing the laboratory meets the requirements of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). 

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