MCI Diagnostic Center appreciates the opportunity to serve the Department of Labor, Office of Job Corps (OJC), Education and Training Administration (ETA)  by providing National Laboratory Services.

We are extremely thrilled to start this new found relationship. Our team of experts are here to support and streamline the process and to make sure all of your providers, patients, and offices receive efficient results for the best care.

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OJC News and Updates:


MCI Diagnostic Center Thanksgiving Shipping Schedule

Monday 11/22: Normal Shipments

Tuesday 11/23:  Normal Shipments

Wednesday 11/24: NO Shipping

Thursday 11/25: CLOSED for Thanksgiving

Friday 11/26: Normal Shipping


Test Menu Guide – Updated

 In support of tracking COVID-19 test results, MCI has created and incorporated new test codes into your ordering portals. Please be sure to enter the correct test code for individuals receiving COVID-19 testing for accountablity and accuracy. Thank you!

Test Menu Guide – Click Here


Updating Main Point of Contacts and Critical / Alert Value POCs

In order to ensure that we maintain the best patient care possible, MCI in the next few days will be reaching out to centers to obtain any updated information, such as point of contacts for critical / alert values and phone numbers.

If you would like to provide the information in advance, please print and email the completed documetation to, Subject Line: Update Critical Value – (OJC Site Location). Thank you!

Critical / Alert Value Update Form – Click Here


Test code: 900833 is no longer active. The following test codes have been added for your use:

900907 – SARS-CoV-2 Student Routine Screening
900908 – SARS-CoV-2 Student POSITIVE Routine Screening
900909 – SARS-CoV-2 Student NEGATIVE Routine Screening


Specimen Transportation with Ice packs

With the high heat index on a rise, please include the appropriate amount of ice packs with each specimen transportation to maintain specimen stability. Not including enough ice packs can cause delay in result turnaround time and possible specimen rejection.

 If there is a need for additional ice packs or cold pack, please contact MCI Supply and Logistics team at for support.


Utilizing the Proper Collection Devices

There are four steps involved in obtaining a good quality specimen for testing.

  1. Preparation of the patient
  2. Collection of the specimen
  3. Processing the specimen
  4. Storing and/or transporting the specimen

To ensure the accuracy of results, one of the very most important steps in collection is having and utilizing the appropriate collection device for each test. If you have any questions or concern on collection devices, please call our customer service team at 888.509.5227 for support


Centrifuging Serum Separator Tube (SST)

It is important to properly centrifuge serum separator tube (SST) after a venipuncture collection. Improper collection will cause a delay in result turnaround time or rejection of specimen and a request for recollection.
Do not centrifuge immediately after drawing the blood.
Do not allow the blood to clot with the tube in a horizontal position.
Do not allow the tube to stand more than one hour before centrifuging.
Step 1:Collect the specimen using standard venipuncture
Step 2: Gently invert the tube five (5) times to mix the clot activator with the blood. Avoid vigorous agitation of collected specimen.
Step 3: Allow the tube to clot for 15-30 minutes in a vertical position.
Step 4: Centrifuge the tube for 10-15 minutes at about 1300-1800 xg.

The gel barrier will form, separating the serum from the clot. After centrifugation, the gel should be intact and the cells and serum completely separated. DO NOT re-centrifuge the tube if the barrier is incomplete.
Contact the laboratory if you are having difficulty centrifuging specimens.


Wecome Back Everyone

It gives MCI Diagnostic Center great pleasure to welcome everyone back for anther great year. We are all exceited to have all the centers start back. It is MCI’s mission to support and help every center with there testing needs. Starting the New Year of 2021, MCI Diagnotsic Center would like to inform you of a change in our business address. We will continue to have a footprint in The Great State of Oklahoma.

Our New Location is:

MCI Diagnostic Center, 1155 Kas Drive, Ste. 180, Richardson, TX 75081

As many of you have already received the update FedEx Return Labels with the new address for specimen shipments. If you have not received the updated FedEx Return Labels, please let us know and we will promptly supply. Please make note of the address change for your records. We look forward to a great year of working together.

Supply and Logistics:

We believe in providing the proper collection devices to produce accurate test results. Any facilities that are in need of supplies, please submit your request to our Supply and Logistics team at

Customer Services:

We are here and available with our team of experts to support and answer any questions and concerns. Toll-Free (888) 509-5227 Email:

Training Videos

COVID-19 and Influenza Test Codes

How to request a COVID-19 Test

Training Video – Anterior Nares Specimen Collection 

Training Video – Abbott ID NOW ( COVID-19 and Influenza)

ID NOW Policy and Protocol Manual 

Abbott ID NOW Box Maintenance Log

How to Identify the Expiration Dates for ID NOW Kits. 

It is important that test requests are entered into the LIS system with the correct test codes for all individuals recieving the COVID test. Please direct all questions to our Customer Services Team at (888) 509-5227.

LIS Training Video – Click Here

Latasha Hill

Latasha Hill

Account Client Liaison

Latasha Hill is the account liaison for the Office of Job Corps sites. She will support and communicate the resources to successfully execute the requirements per the performance work statement throughout the contract.

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24/7 Client Support: 1 (888) 509-5227

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